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Westover Christian Academy, in Danville, reported an outbreak of COVID-19 in just the second week of the school year.

Westover is one of a small handful of area private schools that elected to begin fall classes face-to-face.

"We've changed a couple of our policies and procedures, and what were doing in the classroom," John Cline, head administrator at the Academy, told the Star-Tribune Monday. "Something very simple, nothing drastic."

The Virginia Department of Health defines an outbreak as two or more cases of the virus originating from the same facility, whether it be a healthcare center, prison or school, like Westover.

"We still plan to go to school full time," Cline said.

Westover officials first sent a mass e-mail to students and families Thursday, notifying them that the outbreak consisted of six students from three different families.

Cline said administrators are not terribly worried about what this entails.

"The way this works is that, if children are not tested, but their parents tested positive, then they are 'presumed' positive," Cline said. "So, some of our positives were presumed positive. We did have six counts of positive tests in the school, but we can't say who, where or what grades, or anything like that."

Students learn in "socially distanced" classrooms, and Cline says they should be safe to return in a few days after classroom sanitation took place during this week.

"We took this week off when the announcement came out last week, we decided to take this week just to regroup and refocus and to purge the school of any illness," Cline said. "We plan to be back Tuesday after Labor Day and continue to go form there."

Also recently, three teachers affiliated with Pittsylvania County Schools and one PCS cafeteria worker tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

County schools elected for the virtual option, beginning the online learning process Aug. 24.

PCS officials have said that these new cases are not of concern as health and safety precautions are being followed according to CDC and VDH guidelines.

Officials could not release at which school the cafeteria worker is employed, but did confirm two teachers at Kentuck Elementary School and one teacher at Tunstall Middle School tested positive for COVID-19.

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