Danville-Pittsylvania Republicans

Sporting campaign signs, shirts and hats, locals gathered at the Republican Party headquarters in Danville to support Republican candidates vying for election in November. 

Dozens gathered at the Danville/Pittsylvania County Republican Party headquarters on Piney Forest Road in Danville Friday evening to energize voters for November's election. 

"What you need this type of year is enthusiasm," said Sen. Frank Ruff. "We're seeing that in the Trump campaign, you're not seeing that in Biden campaign, so that's a positive."

Will Pace, Chair of the Pittsylvania County Republican Party and Mayor of Chatham, hosted the grand opening of the campaign, during which elected officials, candidates and campaign leaders spoke to a crowd of local citizens, many of which were adorned in Donald Trump shirts and hats. 

"I think Republicans are motivated this year, not [just] in good red areas of Virginia," said Rich Anderson, recently-elected chair of the Republican Party of Virginia. "It's the highest level of energy I've seen. I'd feel safe in calling it stratospheric. Everywhere I go, it's just huge enthusiasm." 

Virginia Del. Danny Marshall and Pittsylvania County Supervisor Ron Scearce spoke to the crowd encouraging them to support Pres. Trump's re-election and also the election of former councilman Fred Shanks, veteran activist Daniel Gade and former Campbell County supervisor Bob Good. 

Shanks faces three opponents for the sole open seat on the Danville City Council seat, Gade faces Democrat incumbent Mark Warner for a seat in the U.S. Senate and Good faces Democratic nominee Dr. Cameron Webb for Virginia's Fifth District seat in Congress. 

"This group is motivated, they will vote," Marshall said. "So what we want to do is make sure they phone a friend and get their friends out to vote." 

Pace and Good expressed excitement about the turnout for the event, which they perceive as a good sign of Republican support leading into November. 

"The turnout tonight demonstrates the enthusiasm for President Trump, the principles of the Republican Party and for our campaign," Good said. "To have this many folks show up on a Friday night just to be part of this grand opening and to stand up for what they believe in, the principles that matter for our country, it's really refreshing to see." 

For more, see the Sept. 16 edition of the Chatham Star-Tribune. 

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