A hay barn fire is under investigation in Chatham off Van Der Hyde Road after it caught fire Thursday afternoon, Sept. 12. 

Van Der Hyde Dairy Farm part owner and manager Kyle Van Der Hyde was working in the milking parlor when he saw the lights of emergency vehicles approaching the dairy. 

"I said I hope that's not coming here," Van Der Hyde said. The trucks however made their way down Van Der Hyde Drive. 

"I turned around and saw the smoke," Van Der Hyde said. The smoke was coming from a large hay barn located near the center of the roughly 600 acre farm. 

Riceville-Java Fire Chief James Yeatts said crews were dispatched to the fire at 1:15 p.m. Thursday. 

Van Der Hyde said the fire started in the center section of the barn. 

Earlier in the day, workers were running hay through a hay grinder and filling the center section according to Van Der Hyde. 

"They finished, turned around, and it was on fire," Van Der Hyde said. "It doesn't take much for hay to go."

Van Der Hyde was unsure what could have caused the fire. 

"It could have been a rock hitting the metal blades. It's so hot, the heat could have had something to do with it. I just don't know," Van Der Hyde said. 

As firemen on the scene worked to extinguish the blaze, workers pulled hay out of the other two sections and loaded it into trucks to prevent any extension. 

Crews from Chatham, Riceville-Java, Blairs, Chatham, Gretna, and the Delta Response Team responded to the scene. 

No one was injured due to the fire. Van Der Hyde said he was unsure how much hay they lost, which he expected to take a while to completely extinguish. 

"Everyone is standing here, so all is alright," Van Der Hyde said. 


ORIGINAL STORY: Fire crews from various county agencies are working to extinguish a hay barn fire off Van Der Hyde Road. 

This is a breaking news alert. More details will be posted once they are available. 

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