Ruby B. Archie Public Library

With Parks and Recreation indoor facilities having to be shut down due to concerns over the spread of the novel Coronavirus, staff are getting creative in continuing to provide services and encouragement for the community.

“Our mission is the same as it has always been; to engage the community and enhance their lives through people places and services.” said Danville Parks and Recreation Director Bill Sgrinia. “We are glad to do our part to promote social distancing and help the country get through the current pandemic, but while we are closed, we can still look for ways to promote recreation and healthy activities. In response to the necessary closures, our programming staff has begun hosting online classes through social media and our library staff is offering online checkout with curbside pickup.”

Daily, on the Parks and Recreation Facebook page and Instagram account, staff are posting videos and sharing content to encourage the community to remain as active as possible. Topics include health and wellness, children’s health and education, family fun, senior programming, and outdoor updates.

“Social distancing does not mean you have to sit inside and despair,” Sgrinia added. “We really hope our community will continue to find positive outlets and we believe there is none better than recreational and leisure activities.”

Danville Public Library is also trying to provide a larger window to the world with curbside services. Library card holders can go online to and place up to five materials on hold. Those materials will be compiled into an order and the patron will be notified once they are ready for pickup.

Patrons can then visit the library during a designated time to pick up the materials in a drive-through style line without having to leave their vehicles.

To ensure staff and public safety, collected items are disinfected and quarantined for 36 hours before being returned to the collection.

The library has also continued reading children’s books online at 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To tune in to Parks and Recreation’s videos, visit, search PlayDanvilleVA on Instagram, or download the PlayDanvilleVA app on iTunes or the Google Play.

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