VHSL update on academic activities

After meeting with the VHSL Management Crisis Committee, the VHSL has provided an update on the status for each academic activity due to COVID-19 to better assist our principals, athletic directors, academic activity participants, and parents.

Forensics – Competition had been completed through the Super Region level. The State event has been cancelled.

Debate – Competition had been completed through the Region or Super Region level. The State event has been cancelled.

Film Festival – The State event has been cancelled. Since the deadline for submission had not been reached, we will be seeking a waiver from the Executive Committee to allow films created by underclassmen in the current school year, to be entered next year if the school chooses.

Robotics – Deadline for submission of portfolio materials has not been reached, however given the timeline for completion and that major platforms for competition have cancelled for the year, entries and the State event have been cancelled.

Creative Writing – Deadline for submission was before the state closure, and all materials are in the hands of judges working remotely. Awards in this program take place by mail. Creative Writing awards and critiques will be sent as scheduled.

Publications Evaluation and Multimedia – Deadline for submission of materials is June 15, judging occurs over the summer, and awards and critiques are given at the Media Championships in September. The deadline for entries will remain June 15, and the Media Championships will continue to be scheduled (tentatively) for September 26, 2020. ENTRIES WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY beginning this year. Additional information and submission instructions will be made available on the website www.vhsl.org beginning May 1, 2020.

Esports – Official matches for Season two are cancelled as well as the Season Two Tournament Championships.. Students will continue to have access to the platform through the remainder of the semester per PlayVS.

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