In a livestreamed press conference today, Gov. Ralph Northam announced the creation of a team of education leaders in Virginia to devise a plan for reopening K-12, early education and secondary education schools for the fall term this year.

This team consists of the state superintendent and leaders from public schools and both public and private colleges and universities in the Commonwealth. 

Virginia was the first state in the U.S. to close schools at the onset of the pandemic in March. 

Additionally, Northam announced that Virginia Beach will be able to reopen on Friday for recreational activities while being subject to certain regulations. 

Beaches will be open for sunbathing, swimming and fishing. 

Group sports, speakers, alcoholic beverages and large gatherings, tents or groups of umbrellas will not be allowed. 

Beach parking will be restricted to 50 percent capacity, and Northam cautioned against people who may "swarm" the beaches once they are opened. 

"If people swarm these beaches and ignore social distancing rules, or the regulations the city has put into place, I will not hesitate to reinstate Phase One restrictions or even close the beach if necessary," Northam said. "My message to Virginians is this, and it's very simple: you must be responsible." 

Courts are reopening across the Commonwealth, and Northam said that the state is taking measures to assist those facing evictions. 

Northam announced a three-month mortgage deferral program for those experiencing economic hardship, and $200 million in funding for non-profit housing organizations. 

Northam said Virginia is pressuring the federal government for more rent relief in the next congressional stimulus package. 

Northam also announced a new website,, which contains information and resources for those experiencing homelessness. 

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