Former Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services Director Sherry Flanagan

A hearing in federal court for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by former Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services Director Sherry Flanagan has been set for Monday, Sept. 16. 

According to court documents, two separate motions to dismiss have been filed — one by Pittsylvania County and Ron Scearce, and the other by Henry Hurt. 

The motions to dismiss stem from a $4 million lawsuit filed by Flanagan earlier in 2019 after she alleges being wrongfully terminated on Aug. 30, 2018. 

The lawsuit, originally filed in Roanoke City Circuit Court, names Pittsylvania County, Nancy Eanes, Patricia Evans, Andrea Johnson, Scearce, Hurt, and Vic Ingram as defendants. 

“Ms. Flanagan’s termination was the result of a 4-3 vote by the county DSS board. Defendants Mr. Scearce, Ms. Eanes, Ms. Evans, and Ms. Johnson voted in favor of Ms. Flanagan’s termination,” paragraph 39 of the lawsuit states. 

The defendants are accused of defamation, deprivation of constitutional due process, and wrongful termination predicated upon a violation of her first amendment rights.

The lawsuit alleges Scearce, Hurt, and Ingram had a successful ‘smear campaign’ against Flanagan.

The hearing is set to be heard Monday, Sept. 16 at 1:30 p.m. in Roanoke before Senior Judge Glen E. Conrad.

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