A possible threat toward private schools in Virginia has led to the closure of Westover Christian Academy in Danville Wednesday, Dec. 4, and Sacred Heart to be on alert.

According to Danville Police Department Lieutenant Richard Chivvis, police received details about an individual making threats towards private schools late Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Local police learned about the threat from the Virginia Fusion Center.

Chivvis said the individual in question is believed to have travelled north.

"We advised Sacred Heart and Westover out of an abundance of caution," Chivvis said.

It was left up to the schools as to what action to take.

"Westover Christian Academy will be closed tomorrow. Parents and families of the school, please check your email for details," John Cline, Westover administrator said in a message on the school's official website around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Officials at Sacred Heart advised the school would remain on alert Wednesday, and recess would not take place outside. 

The Danville Police Department released the following statement Wednesday morning: 

We received a regional law enforcement bulletin yesterday regarding a potential threat made by an individual toward private Christian schools in Virginia. Law enforcement agencies routinely disseminate these intelligence bulletins. The threat did not come from this area and was not directed toward any specific school in this area. The law enforcement agency where the threat originated from is investigating. Out of an abundance of precaution we spoke with our local private Christian schools and advised them to remain vigilant. Additionally, we increased our patrols in the area of private Christian schools in the community.

We are committed to keeping our children safe and that is why we chose to pass the information on to the schools so that their leadership could make decisions they believed were in the best interest of their students. We understand how any news of a threat to a school can cause concern, especially when national headlines are constantly filled with news about violence in schools. We want to reiterate there was no specific threat made to any schools in this area.


This story was updated to correct the lockdown at Sacred Heart to being on alert, per school officials. 

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