Pittsylvania County residents voted in some new faces Tuesday, with more than 30% of registered voters casting ballots. Up from 28% in the 2011 election, according to Pittsylvania County Registrar Kelly A. Bailess.

Vincent Shorter upset incumbent Kate Berger 6,780 to 6,436 for Treasurer of Pittsylvania County. Shorter won with 51.28% of the vote.

Mark Scarce, a former special agent with the Virginia State Police, beat out R.J. Weaver, a commercial loan officer and assistant vice president at Virginia Bank & Trust. With 8,566 to 4,330 votes, Scarce will succeed long-time Clerk of Court H.F. Haymore.

This was the first bid for public office for both men, who ran as independents.

Unlike other county offices, clerk of court serves an eight-year term. The job pays $115,272.

Commissioner of Revenue went to former chief deputy, Shirley Hammock, who had no opposition for the job. With a strong showing, she garnered 10, 959 votes out of about 13,000 votes cast in the entire county election.

Sheriff Mike Taylor and Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Haskins had no opposition.

Taylor took 12,173 votes, while Haskins received 11,253.

In the Board of Supervisors races, all seven seats were up for election.

Bob Warren, a Mount Hermon financial planner, replaced Chatham-Blairs District Supervisor Brenda Bowman, who did not run again. Voters cast 2,057 ballots for Warren.

In the Westover District, Ronald Scearce, a retired Air Force veteran, and Roy N. Ford Jr., a Danville businessman and minister, vied for Coy Harville’s seat. Harville is stepping down when his term ends in December.

Scearce, who is chairman of the Danville Tea Party, won with 1,109 votes.

Ford, who was nominated by local Democrats, took 807 votes.

In the Banister District, incumbent Jessie Barksdale, had no opposition for a second term. Barksdale received 1,341 votes.

Callands-Gretna District Supervisor Jerry Hagerman, a retired sheriff’s investigator, beat out Gretna businessman Vernon Moon with 1,164 votes to 1,007.

Newcomer Joe Davis, a private investigator, scraped by Dan River District Supervisor James Snead, who was seeking his third term.

Davis got 937 votes; Snead got 818 votes.

Tunstall District Supervisor Tim Barber, who has served on the board 12 years, beat newcomer Gracie Mays with 1,373 votes to 515.

In the Staunton River District, Supervisor Elton Blackstock faced Curtis Arthur, a Motley businessman and long-time member of the county planning commission, and Chris Dalton, a radio and communications consultant who lives in Sycamore.


Blackstock took 996 votes, Dalton 366, and Arthur 194.

Supervisors serve four years, but will switch to staggered terms with the 2015 election.

Supervisors elected in the Banister, Dan River, and Callands-Gretna districts will serve two-year terms with the remaining board members serving four.

Elections will continue every two years with all members serving four years.

Voters filled four seats in the General Assembly.

State Sen. Bill Stanley beat former Martinsville mayor Kim Adkins, both statewide and in the county.

A total of 2,030 county citizens voted for Stanley, and 1,440 voted for Adkins.

Statewide, Stanley had 22,598 votes and Adkins had 16,446.

Sen. Frank Ruff and Delegates Les Adams and Danny Marshall ran unopposed.

In the county, Ruff received 7,220 votes, Adams got 7,272, and Marshall gathered 3,761.

Senators serve four years, delegates two.

Candidates elected Tuesday will take office Jan. 1, 2016.

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