The Great Opportunities in Technology and Engineering Careers (GO TEC) staff and advisory board have launched a new website, www.gotecva.org, for the GO TEC talent development project.

The website includes information, news and resources for the hub-and-spoke talent development model that aims to create a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers strategic focus areas, including advanced materials, IT/cybersecurity, precision machining, robotics, automation and mechatronics and welding. The development process was completed with the input of students, educators, industry, economic developers and GO TEC Advisory Board members and was coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, fiscal agent.

Website feedback continues to be invited via an online survey accessible at the site. Responses will be assessed to continue to improve the website experience and add further content.

“It is with great anticipation that we announce the new GO TEC website, gotecva.org, our information hub for program information moving forward,” GO TEC Program Manager Dr. Tammy Hurt said. “The website and other communication efforts will help us amplify our cause and important milestones, which are vital to successfully growing our program.”

Last month, the GO Virginia State Board approved $3.6 million, the full remaining Phase 2 funding for GO TEC, based on successful outcomes of Phase 1. The GO Virginia grant will be supplemented by funding from other public and private sources. In March 2019, GO TEC received the largest grant to date from the GO Virginia competitive funding pool. The GO Virginia State Board approved an investment of up to $4.9 million, which will be matched 1-to-1 by support from more than 17 local partners.

GO TEC extended the pipeline to about 1,414 students of the following six participating middle schools during the 2019-2020 school year, including Chatham and Gretna Middle Schools. During the 2020-2021 school year, 11 additional middle schools will join the GO TEC training program and partnership, including Dan River and Tunstall Middle Schools.

Dual enrollment programs with GO TEC higher education partners continue to expand in high schools across the region. These higher education partners are also experiencing growth in their GO TEC-related, on-campus programs in areas such as welding, precision machining, IT, mechatronics and more, at Danville Community College and other schools.

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