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Lieutenant Colonel Steve Salmon will retire from the Danville Sheriff’s Office after serving the community for 43 years. Serving over four decades, Lt. Colonel Salmon is Danville’s longest tenured Deputy. 

Steve was hired on February 15, 1977 as a Deputy Sheriff by Danville’s first Sheriff, Charlie J. Smith. He has served with dedication for all four of Danville’s Sheriffs; Charlie Smith, Dudley Bowling, James “Jim” Dooley, and Michael S. “Mike” Mondul.

He was promoted to Sergeant in August of 1979, Lieutenant in March of 1990, and was later promoted to Captain. He has served as the Chief Deputy and Lieutenant Colonel for the Danville Sheriff’s Office since 2010. 

Lieutenant Colonel Salmon has been a consistent and steady presence at the Danville Sheriff’s Office for his entire career. Deputies and staff alike look to his knowledge and experience frequently. He is highly respected by his subordinates and peer group. Moreover, he has my utmost respect. His professional approach to his job is rivaled only by his dedication to the community he serves. The citizens of Danville are fortunate to have had a public servant who has given most of his life to a profession which is consistently underappreciated. 

While he is the consummate professional, Lt. Colonel Salmon is known by his family, friends and coworkers as a witty individual who never lacks for an appropriate and humorous one liner. These quips are known by those who know him as “Salmonisms”. 

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