Proposed peak power station

The plant would have a total economic benefit of $12.3 million for the Dan River Region and create up to 200 jobs during construction. 

The Star-Tribune has learned a power plant with two natural gas-fired combustion turbines is being proposed by Dominion Energy for the Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill.

Dominion Energy has also notified Pittsylvania County they are purchasing the Maplewood Solar Project in the Climax community according to Pittsylvania County Director of Economic Development Matt Rowe. 

With Dominion pursuing these two potential projects, Rowe said Dominion would be making an investment in excess of $300 million in Pittsylvania County.

According to Rowe, Dominion plans to make a $200 million capital investment in the project at Berry Hill. A $130 million capital investment is planned for the Maplewood Solar Project. 

The plant at Berry Hill would have a total economic benefit of $12.3 million for the Dan River Region and create up to 200 jobs during construction. 

In addition, the plant would have a capacity of approximately 500 megawatts and would power approximately 125,000 homes.

Dominion says the plant would provide power during periods of peak demand in addition to creating jobs and economic benefits within the Dan River Region.

According to Dominion, the plant would generate $1.4 million in annual local tax revenue first the first year of operation for Danville and Pittsylvania County. 

The megasite was selected by Dominion due to its proximity to the Williams' Transco pipeline. 

Once operational, this will be the first business within the megasite. 

The proposed commercial operation date would be April 2022.

Maplewood Solar is currently the largest solar project in Pittsylvania County at 1,517 acres, and will encompass 22 parcels of land.

The Pittsylvania County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the proposed 120 megawatt solar project in February.

"Pittsylvania County, the City of Danville, and Regional Industrial Facility Authority are excited to work with a possible tenant of the caliber of Dominion Energy," Rowe said. "It is important to note that we are thankful Dominion Energy has selected the Southern Virginia Megasite and Pittsylvania County for their two clean energy projects and we look forward to working with and supporting them throughout their permitting process."

This is a breaking new update. This story will updated as we learn more.

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