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Dozens gathered in the Pittsylvania County General District Courtroom in support of county militias. As Joshua Jennings concluded his address to the Board of Supervisors, applause erupted throughout the room. 

At Monday's 7 p.m. meeting, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors heard from citizens that militias hope to seek county oversight in defending Second Amendment rights from the "tyranny" of Gov. Ralph Northam. 

Joshua Jennings, a resident of Blairs and operator of Guns, Gear & Ammo in Tunstall, addressed the board with the support of dozens in the General District courtroom. 

"There are militias already forming within this and many Virginia counties," Jennings told the board. "It would be in the best interest for all to provide county oversight to these patriots." 

Jennings said this would help protect the militias, which he described as "defensive tools," against "lone wolves" and "loose cannons," and help with organization and preparation. 

In November, the board shared support for the Second Amendment when they unanimously adopted a resolution to make Pittsylvania County a Second Amendment Sanctuary. 

This came on the heels of the Nov. 5 election of a Democratic majority in the General Assembly. Gov. Northam promised that strict gun legislation for the state would follow. 

"Northam and the General Assembly have made it quite evident that the constitutions of this land mean nothing to them," Jennings concluded. 

While no motions could be made that meeting, some board members expressed support for the public comments. 

Chairman of the board and Chatham-Blairs representative, Bob Warren, said, "I support the Second Amendment no question." 

Tunstall representative Vic Ingram, who was elected to the board this past year, said he would have supported the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution last year had he been on the board. 

Ron Scearce, Westover representative, also expressed his support for the citizens. 

Jennings made two other requests to the board, that the county investigate the cost of concealed carry permits and create a county-overseen committee to raise private funding for the sheriff's office. 

For the full story of the Board of Supervisors meeting, see the Jan. 29 edition of the Star-Tribune. 

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