The suspect in the June 11 homicide of Xochil Ochoa in her home at 8601 Mt. Cross Road has been charged with first-degree murder and assault of a police officer. 

Jesus Armando Ochoa Sanchez, 40, has been charged in Pittsylvania County after spending days in the hospital in Roanoke for the treatment of serious injuries. 

According to the criminal complaint obtained from Pittsylvania General District Court, Captain Corey Webb with the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office was one of the first deputies to respond to the residence after a 911 call from the house reported that Ochoa had been stabbed by a man in the house. 

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies were told by a young girl that "he" had "cut her up bad" but that the victim was still alive. 

Upon entry to the residence, deputies allegedly encountered Sanchez holding a long rifle and pointing it at them. According to the complaint, after refusing orders to drop his weapon, deputies fired their weapons at Sanchez, and he was subdued. 

Sanchez was transported by Tunstall Fire and Rescue to their station where he was airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. 

Ochoa was found unresponsive lying in the floor of the kitchen with cuts and multiple stab wounds. EMS was brought into the home but Ochoa died at the scene, and was not removed. 

Captain Webb reported that only Sanchez and Ochoa were in the home at the time deputies entered, and that the two were allegedly married. State police said three children escaped the home before deputies arrived and went to their neighbor's house across the street. 

A knife, described as a "hunting knife" by the party who called 911, was found several feet from Ochoa on a table, according to the complaint. The knife was stained red and a red stain was found surrounding the knife on the table. 

The charge of homicide is in Pittsylvania Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, while the charge of assaulting a police officer is currently in Pittsylvania General District Court. 

Commonwealth Attorney Bryan Haskins said he will be asking the courts to try these charges in one court, and that he will be prosecuting the murder charge himself. 

Haskins said that Sanchez has a preliminary hearing set for Aug. 13, and that he will pursue and indictment in Pittsylvania Circuit Court afterwards. 

State police are still investigating the officer-involved shooting of Sanchez.

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