With the closing of schools and libraries and the increased need for wireless communication by the general public, Pittsylvania County and Pittsylvania County Schools are opening up wireless hotspots to the public by increasing signal coverage areas at many county facilities and all four high schools. The location of these new and improved hotspots include:

  • All four County High School parking lots (Chatham High School wireless can be accessed from the side parking lot near the softball field).
  • Pittsylvania Pet Center near the Dog Park.
  • Pittsylvania County Community Center parking lot.
  • All four Pittsylvania County Public Library parking lots.
  • Seven convenience center sites including Berry Hill, Blairs, Motley, Old Mayfield, Ringgold (729), Ringgold Depot (734) and the Vo-Tech Convenience Center.
  • Two additional hotspots will be available by Wednesday, March 25 in the parking lots of the Pittsylvania County Administration building and Pittsylvania County Community Development building.

In addition to these sites, Xfinity hotspots across the country will be available to both subscribers and non-subscribers for free. For a map of Xfinity hotspots visit xfinity.com/wifi.

“In times like this where hotspots are imperative to social distancing and student learning, we are glad to do our part in making our hotspots available to all that need them,” Scott Budd, County Technology Director.

Location addresses are available at pittsylvaniacountyva.gov or by calling 434- 432-7700 during normal business hours. To ensure social distancing, citizens are encouraged to access these hotspots from inside their vehicle.

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