Today as many organizations, businesses, families and individuals adjust how they conduct their daily lives due to the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19, The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office continues to evaluate the manner in which we provide services to the citizens of Pittsylvania County.

Today with guidance provided by Project Lifesaver International (PLI), the agency The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office utilizes to provide equipment to those in need of project lifesaver services, our office has considered and adopted the guidance as set forth by PLI. 

We have instructed our Project Lifesaver coordinator to contact every caregiver enrolled in the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office Project Lifesaver program to advise them of the subtle changes being made by our office to continue to provide this lifesaving service while attempting to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The precautions established by PLI as adopted are as follows: 

If you are a caregiver please contact your Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office coordinator as you normally would with questions regarding equipment and battery change.

We are requesting care givers identify a location outside their home where a battery can be delivered by our coordinator. 

A link to an online instructional video as provided by PLI will be provided to the caregiver by our coordinator. This video will demonstrate and instruct a caregiver on how to change a Project Lifesaver bracelet battery.

Our coordinator will test the transmitter and receiver to insure functionality from the exterior of the enrolled citizens residence.

If any issues are noted by our coordinator immediate communications will be established with technical support and the caregiver to correct those issues. 

To date over 3,655 rescues have been reported by PLI. Sheriff Taylor and his staff are committed to continuing this vital service to those who depend on Project Lifesaver without a lapse in the comfort and peace of mind this program extends to caregivers and loved ones.

We encourage caregivers to visit project to become familiar with the valuable resources available online.

If you are a Project Lifesaver caregiver and have not been contacted by your Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office Project Lifesaver Coordinator, please call 434-432-7931 or simply email If your needs are an emergency please dial 911. 

These steps as set forth will not delay or alter our response in the event of a wandering or lost person. 

Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office together with Project Lifesaver, "Bringing Loved One's Home".

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