Johnny Abbott

Pittsylvania County resident Johnny Abbott recently was awarded as United Van Line’s van operator of the year. 

 Pittsylvania County resident Johnny Abbott recently learned he has been awarded two driver of the year awards. 

The first award is from Hilldrup, the parent company of United Van Lines.

Abbott said he was also recently notified about winning driver of the year from the American Moving and Storage Association, which represents all moving and storage groups nationwide. That award will be presented in Houston, Texas. 

“I’ve won driver of the month several times and this is the first time I’ve won it for the year,” Abbott said of the Hilldrup award.

Abbott traced his career in the moving business back to 1978 with United Van Lines.

“I’ve been with Hilldrup for the past five or six years,” Abbott said.

After winning the award, Abbott traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to be videoed by the company. 

During the filming, Abbott said they captured him driving the truck and working at a customer’s home in addition to a standard interview. 

“Johnny was recognized with the highest honor a Van Operator can receive from our van line by being named United’s Van Operator of the Year for 2019,” a press release by Hilldrup states. 

“Johnny is a stand-up van operator who is extremely dependable,” described Randy Rantz, Senior Vice President of Operations. “He’s customer-focused, low-key and always takes pride in what he does here every day.”

As to what makes Abbott so successful, “I’ve been doing it so long, I guess,” he said with a laugh. But it’s that mix of confidence and humility that makes the moving experience so pleasant for all who work with him.

Of all the places Abbott has traveled to throughout the nation, he says there is nowhere like Pittsylvania County. 

“I live probably five miles from where I grew up. I’ve been all over the country, but I love home the most,” Abbott said. 

Hilldrup will formally present Abbott with the award in March. 

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