The Danville Police Department is aware of counterfeit currency circulating throughout the city.

“We’re seeing everything from fives to hundreds,” Lieutenant Richard Chivvis said.

Lt. Chivvis noted one of the worst problems the department is seeing involves citizens agreeing to a sale in online marketplaces such as Facebook yard sale groups and then being handed fake money in exchange for their goods.

“People then take the money they such received and use it, for example at a convenience store, and then learn that the bill is fake when checked with a pen,” Lt. Chivvis said. 

However, Lt. Chivvis said if anyone receives fake money they are not a criminal, but a victim. He also said if anyone receives such bills, it should be reported to the police.

“It can be taken in a report, but that person is unfortunately going to be out of the money they received,” Chivvis said. 

In a video released Wednesday, Feb. 6, Detective Abbott with the Danville Police Department explains how to spot fake bills. 

Some of the differences in the bills include non-holographic numbering and lines in the bills. 

A $20 bill Det. Abbott shows that was seized reads, “For Motion Picture Use Only,” where it should state, “The United States of America.”

A “Safe Exchange Zone” is located in the lower parking lot behind the city municipal building. It is designed for those who need to meet someone buying or selling items or any other reason someone may need a safe location. 

To report counterfeit money, contact the Danville Police Department at (434) 799-5111. 

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