Kenyon Scott, director of transportation for Pittsylvania County Schools, informed the Pittsylvania County School Board Tuesday night that the division was chosen to receive funding for two electric buses, after applying for Dominion Energy’s Electric School Buses grant program in the fall.

According to Scott, the buses cost between $300,000 and $350,000 per bus.

“This program makes it possible for the division to purchase those buses on a lease-purchase agreement for the price of a standard diesel bus,” Scott said.

Scott said that the buses would be getting the buses after the beginning of the next fiscal year, with a charging station to be built by Dominion. The electric buses can go around 150 miles between charges.

“We will also be able to benefit from periodic payments that will be made for the use of the stored energy that is drawn from those buses during times they are not in use,” Scott said.

He said they have buses in mind for in-town Chatham routes that make would make the use of electric buses feasible.

In other business, the Pittsylvania County School Board approved a resolution in support of increasing sales tax to fund school capital needs.

The resolution states that the board desires for the Virginia General Assembly to enact legislation to permit the county to charge additional sales tax, conditioned upon a local referendum, to co towards public school capital improvement.

This vote follows a similar vote by Danville City Council last week.

In addition, the school board:

Passed a resolution in support for equal taxing authority for Virginia counties;

Approved the student tuition rate for the 2020-2021 school year, which would remain the same at $1,700 for the first child per family and $850 for each additional child per family;

Approved the Pittsylvania Career and Technical Center logo;

Approved a Chorus IV course addition for the 2020-2021 school year;

And approved a request for declaration of surplus property, which includes vehicles and equipment.

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