DANVILLE — On Wednesday, Get Fit Dan River Region will host Virginia’s First Lady, Dorothy McAuliffe, for a chemical-free farm tour and Eat to Live picnic.

From 1:30-3 p.m., McAuliffe will tour chemical-free and family-owned White Flint Farm in Keeling.

Children who are USDA summer-feeding program recipients will accompany McAuliffe and learn about healthy eating and growing local produce from White Flint Farm owners Cherie and Bill Guerrant.

From 4-6 p.m., McAuliffe will be the guest of honor at an Eat to Live picnic hosted by Get Fit and Cherrystone Missionary Baptist Association in Ringgold.

Local meats and produce will be provided by White Flint Farm, Our Father’s Farm, and the Herndon Family Farm, and water is from Grand Springs Natural Water.

The Food Network’s Restaurant Express contestant chef, Patrick Ruocco, will prepare the healthy menu.

The picnic is open to the public.

In her role as First Lady of Virginia, McAuliffe is focusing on childhood nutrition and food security.

She is particularly interested in improving food delivery systems so that nutritious and fresh food products are more accessible to Virginia’s children and families with the added benefit of promoting local agricultural economic development opportunities and improving health and education outcomes.

McAuliffe’s visit coincides with community engagement activities for the Get Fit 50,000 Pound Challenge.

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