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The Gretna Police Department responded to a call at the Gretna Food Lion at 8:56 p.m. Saturday. 

Police say a suspect dressed in black clothes, a black stocking cap and a blue bandana entered the Food Lion in Gretna and took an undisclosed amount of money from two registers. 

The suspect made threats as to having a firearm, but no firearm was presented. 

The police currently have no lead on the suspect's identity or whereabouts. 

Sgt. Kevin Bailess said it is believed the suspect is a black male approximately 6 feet tall, and that the suspect parked far away and fled the scene on foot. 

Bailess confirmed that the police are viewing security footage from other nearby buildings for information on the suspect. 

The store was open at the time of the robbery and other customers were present. 

The suspect is still at large. 

UPDATE Jan. 20 - The suspect in the robbery of a Food Lion in Martinsville that took place Jan. 17 fits the same profile as the suspect in the Gretna Food Lion robbery. 

According to the Henry County Sherrif's Office, an unidentified black male, approximately 6 feet tall and wearing dark clothing and a blue bandana entered the Food Lion at 8500 A.L. Philpott Hwy. and demanded money from a cashier. 

The suspect gestured as if he had a gun, but did not present one.

The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money from a register and then fled the scene on foot. 

The sequence of events and profile of the suspect match that of the Gretna robbery. 

It is not yet known if either police department has officially acknowledged the connection. 

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