The Pittsylvania County Planning Commission unanimously recommended a 130-acre solar farm to the Pittsylvania County Board of Zoning Appeals Thursday, Nov. 7. 

According to Axton Solar project manager John Ragone, of Bluefield, Virginia, the estimated $100 million capital investment project will be owned and operated by Caden Energix LLC. 

"The US based company is Caden, and Energix is an Israeli based company with offices in Richmond and Washington, D.C.," Ragone said. 

According to a letter by Ragone that was sent to the planning commission, the project will generate roughly $900,000 in taxes. 

During construction, the project will create nearly 200 jobs according to Caden Energix. 

Axton solar will have nearly 200,000 solar panels and generate 66 megawatts of power according to Ragone. 

The solar farm will be split between Henry and Pittsylvania Counties, and Ragone pointed out after the meeting there will be some property line issues that will have to be addressed. 

At the meeting Thursday was Barry Moxley, of Henry County who said the solar farm's proposed property line is roughly 250-feet from his home. 

Moxley said the home belonged to his great-grandmother, and he has been working with Ragone to address issues with the line. 

"That is an issue that we will address in time... Henry County hasn't started this process yet," Ragone said.

The project is slated to be operational by mid-2021. 

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