Since midday Wednesday, Pittsylvania County has seen constant, steady rain during the first big rainstorm of 2020. 

A thick cloud cover held the county in semi-darkness while booming thunder heralded several inches of rain, causing flash floods in low land areas. 

Chris Slemp, Director of Public Safety, reminded drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving in low laying areas that may accumulate large amounts of water.

Slemp also stressed that a driver should never attempt to drive across a flooded road, as it can be difficult to judge how deep the water goes, especially at night.

The National Weather Service has said that the rain is expected to continue until midnight, possibly adding another inch of rain. 

A full list of roads either closed for flooding or affected by excessive ponding:

  • Allen Creek Road
  • Anderson Mill Road
  • Berry Hill Road
  • Bibee Road
  • Brandon Road
  • Cobbs Knob Road
  • Coleman Road
  • Dairy View Road
  • Elm Road
  • Fairview Road
  • Fall Creek Road
  • Glenview Drive
  • Hickory Road
  • Hill Creek Road
  • Hillside Road
  • Hollywood Road
  • Hunters Lane
  • Hutson Road
  • Irish Road
  • Johnson Road
  • Jones Mill Road
  • Kerns Church Road
  • Lester Road
  • Maple Road
  • Martinsville Hwy At Grays Park
  • Midway Road
  • Moses Mill Road
  • Mountain Drive
  • Mountain Run Road
  • Mount Cross Road 8000 Block
  • Mount Cross Road 16000 Block
  • North Meadows Road
  • Riley Farm Road
  • Sandy Creek Road
  • Snakepath Road
  • Sportsman Road
  • Stateline Bridge Road
  • Stone Creek Road
  • Strader Road
  • Strawberry Road
  • West Maple Road
  • West Sunrise Drive
  • West Witt Road
  • White Fall Road
  • White Ridge Road
  • Wilkerson Road
  • W I Powell Road

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