Floor Care Specialists, Inc. (FCS) of Danville recently donated a mobile breakfast cart to Bonner Middle School to help local students start their school day with a healthy meal.

“Danville Public Schools is fortunate to have a local business such as FCS support our students in such an important way,” said Philip Gardner, Director of Child Nutrition for Danville Public Schools. “Danville Public Schools provides free breakfasts for all students but it can be difficult to make sure every student comes to the cafeteria to take advantage of it. Instead of working around the bus schedules and club meetings, this mobile breakfast cart takes breakfast to the students to ensure they start their day on the right foot. Our breakfast program is already doing great and this addition will make it even better. It’s all about doing the right thing and feeding our students as much as we can.”

The cart will be used to navigate school hallways first thing in the mornings to provide a nutritious breakfast for all students on campus. FCS is purchasing the cart from local supplier Freidman Fixture Company and

anticipates it hitting the hallways by October 16, 2019.

“Children deserve every opportunity to grow and learn and to do what they need in order to start every school day off with a healthy meal,” said Conrad Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Floor Care Specialists, Inc. “We want to help all children in our community learn well and make the most of their school days by learning, collaborating and yes, even playing. FCS is proud to partner with our city schools.”

FCS is a locally-owned, family business that has been based in Danville since 1988 providing a wide range of janitorial and industrial cleaning solutions for business facilities. Brothers Conrad Smith and Stuart Smith together decided to use their business to give back to the community that they both call home.

“This is what it means to be a local business in a community like Danville,” said Stuart Smith, Chief Financial Officer of FCS. “Our families live here; our employees’ families live here; and we have the resources to make a difference. We feel an obligation to make a positive impact where we can. That’s not good business, it’s being a good neighbor.”

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