Vice mayor announces campaign for reelection

Danville Vice Mayor Lee Vogler announced today that he is seeking reelection to Danville City Council.

“These are very important times for our city, and I feel I still have so much to contribute on our path forward,” Vogler said in a press release.

Vogler first ran for city council eight years ago because he wanted to “put forth new ideas.” He became the youngest person elected to city council, and in 2018, he became the youngest ever Vice Mayor in the city of Danville.

“I’ve been fortunate to be in a position these past eight years where I could bring about real, positive change for our community,” Vogler said. “From proposing the bike share program that has been enjoyed by thousands, to proposing the mobile-device website where people now report their power outages, I have put forward new ideas to move our city forward.”

Vogler outlined his priorities if given another term on city council, including helping small businesses by working to eliminate government mandated parking minimums and continuing to support public safety and youth in the city. He also said he would continue to be accessible to the citizens of Danville.

“I love this city. It’s always been my home and always will be,” Vogler said. “My wife, Blair, and I are raising our two kids Kingston and Ava here because we believe in the future of Danville. We are the Comeback City.”

Vogler’s current term ends on June 30, 2020.

Elections for Danville City Council will be held on May 5.

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