DANVILLE — Danville Regional Foundation has released its 2014 Regional Report Card in partnership with the United Way of Danville-Pittsylvania County and Future of the Piedmont Foundation.

The entire report card can be found at www.drfonline.org for download.

The report card was redesigned during the summer of 2014 by a group of foundation interns tasked with improving how information is disseminated to the community for use in both the public and private sector.

“This report card was redesigned with one goal in mind,” said Karl Stauber, president and chief executive officer of Danville Regional Foundation. “We want to help spark a different and more significant conversation within our community — a conversation that is honest about our successes and our challenges across the region that leads to cooperation and collaboration building a healthier and prosperous Dan River Region.”

In the past, Danville, Pittsylvania County and Caswell County competed against each other for workers, residents and shoppers.

Global market changes, including new trade patterns and a widespread recession, have made this model outdated, according to the foundation.

Now, the region competes with other similar regions across the nation, as well as foreign competitors, for workers and resources.

In the new report card, each locality within the region is given its own separate page with this new pattern in mind.

Each locality is shown next to a comparable and model community alongside their state figures. Leaders across the region can now be equipped with a larger viewpoint that will give them better insights for future policy decisions.

There are also numerous new features that will help assist in assessing the region’s strengths and weaknesses compared to other communities.

Policy makers, community and regional leaders and concerned citizens can all see where the positives areas are and can easily identify the areas that require work.

Also on the digital version of the report card found online, all data is connected via links to their originating sources for ease of reference.

In the 2014 Regional Report Card, there is good news within all three localities showing a drop in local unemployment rates across the board.

PALS fall pass rates have also increased for Danville and Pittsylvania County kindergartners.

There are still several challenges remaining across the board including the continued rise of adult obesity rates.

“There is much work to do,” said Stauber. “And only by tracking our successes and our shortcomings can we work towards a better future.”

To download the 2014 Regional Report Card and a supporting document with background information, visit www.drfonline.org.

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