Tony Dean Moser

Tony Dean Moser

10/26/1969 - 6/24/2020

He was no stranger to cooking in the rain. His grill would light all the same, and the water never affected the flavor. He took great pride in his ability to cook for us.

I remember us sitting on the front porch of his Danville home, a two story house that dated back to the mill housing of the 50s, in the torrential rain, occasionally commenting on the lightning that struck so close nearby, but mostly carrying on an unparalleled level of conversation that would jump between topics so swiftly that we couldn’t help laughing about it. The talking would only lull for him to tell me to flip the steaks.

I would go stand briefly in the rain at the grill just outside the back door to flip. They may have turned out a little overdone, but he ate them and told me how good a job I did.

He once told me grilling was a skill he taught himself while he was in college at Radford University. He studied business economics there and learned about the computer systems of the time (this was in the 90s, so I had to re-teach him how to use a computer several years later), but he told me that he loved the parties at Radford the most. My father always loved a good time. Maybe a little too much.

It may have been his grilling that brought my younger sister, Sarah, and I to the table with him nearly every weekend, but it was his spirit that kept us happy in his home. The world has lost a great spirit and a loving father.

After 50 good years of life, my father passed away peacefully on June 24, 2020 after a bout of terrible sickness. He will always be remembered for how hard he worked to provide for his family.

He worked many different jobs over the ten years in which I knew him best. Folks may remember him for selling them a house while he worked for Simpson Realty, installing DirecTV in their home or mowing their lawn when he operated his own lawn care business. Before that, he was responsible for the best tires to ever come out of the Goodyear plant in Danville.

Every bit of that effort went towards providing us with the best he could possibly give. On holidays, we would go camping at Hyco Lake, where we would fish on the pier until late. On summer weekends, we would go to the Drive-in theater in Eden. And whenever he felt like engaging in his favorite sport, we would go golfing at the Goodyear golf course. He never did a thing without involving us.

He revered his late father, Charles Wayne Moser, a Navy vet who served in Vietnam, with a passion that never faltered. He would follow in his footsteps after graduating from Dan River High School and join the Army, in which he would serve both on base in Germany and in the sands of Kuwait during the final days of Desert Storm. His decorated service resonates in my heart.

Life may have been a struggle at times, but we had him and he had us. He was so strong and always optimistic. He loved us more than he loved himself. The deaths of loved ones he had experienced weighed heavily on him; I know he would not want that weight for us.

He is survived by his mother, Barbara Moser-Gregory, his brother, William Alan Moser, me, his son, and his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Moser, who all helped care for him during his final days.

A private wake will be held at his mother’s home at a date yet to be decided. Friends and family are welcome.

May our family find grace and his soul find peace. He will be greatly missed.

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