To the editor: 

We want to thank you for covering our Gretna Elementary Pre-K Touch a Truck on Wednesday, Oct. 9th.   We are so blessed to be in a community of such caring and supportive services and businesses that brought their vehicles to our Pre-K activity where students at Hurt Elementary, Mt. Airy Elementary and Union Hall Elementary joined us to see the real trucks, observe how they help us and to be able to get inside of the service vehicles.  We were allowed to sit inside and pretend to operate some of the vehicles as safety was emphasized.

The following groups were present for this hands-on real learning experience:  ADD Equipment, , English Construction, Gretna Town Police, Gretna Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Me, RiverStreet Networks, Starrs Town Clown Ice-Cream Truck, Tractor of Graham Winn, and the Virginia Department of Transportation

The teachers Mandy Bennett, Adrienne Mowrey and Julie Owens were especially thankful that the Staunton River Baptist Association loaned us a bouncy house and we had additional toy trucks and vehicles in the back lawn that students could take a break from all the learning and play as all four year olds need often.  Providing emotional, social and mental learning for four year olds is a challenge for all of our teachers and parents.  Thanks to the Star Tribune for helping us as we shared a wonderful day with our community in learning.                                    

Joan S. Yeatts, 

Family Services Coordinator

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