To the Editor:

I know that you Democrat voters are very happy with the people you voted for, be it local, state, or federal. And I know that you surely must be elated with the federal elected Democrats. I mean, look at the way they seem to almost stop President Trump from doing what he promised to do if elected. He has not been able to make any progress on the wall on the southern border at all, and I know that you think you won when he offered a deal to reopen the government last Friday. Actually, he just dropped back "five" and punted, but if you want to call it a victory, then go for it.

But in the last couple of weeks, you dems have really gotten the "crown jewel." I know most that you saw, and/or heard about the cheering, and standing ovation when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the abortion bill in New York.

In reality, what he made legal in New York was infanticide. You can call abortion whatever you want to, but what that really is, is murder. Plain and simple, and to top that off, a part of that bill gives the abortionist, and that does not have to be a doctor, or medical person, the legal authority, that if that baby survives the abortion attempt, then the baby can then be killed, or to put it in your terms, aborted after birth.

Not to be out done, our "great" Governor, Ralph Northam, and one of his fellow liberal democrats came up with a similar bill in Virginia's General Assembly. And from what I understand, it pretty much copies the New York law. I thank God, that the Virginia. bill did not make it out of committee, this year, but trust me, it will be back.

Now to my fellow conservatives, and Republicans, let's not be too hard on Delegate Kathy Tran, because on the same day she introduced her abortion bill, she also introduced a bill that would protect the canker worm. Now, if that isn't compassion, then I don't know what is.

A child, or baby is a gift from God, and whether that child is wanted by two parents, or comes from another situation, that child is a gift from God. Whether you Democrats realize it or not, you are walking on very thin ice when you start down this latest path, and I do know that outside of Virginia, there are several other states seeking to pass similar laws in their states.

As I look at Democrat policies, I fail to see what they are trying to do for the American people. Dems want sanctuary cities, and states, where illegals that commit crimes can be protected from deportation by ICE, they want to abolish ICE, they want to raise taxes to where the only thing people will be working for is to pay those taxes, and they want open borders, inviting everybody to come in and take advantage of every welfare program Dems can think of.

And Dems have the nerve to call conservatives, and Republicans hard hearted, and evil. Oh well, call it what you will, but I pray to God, the American people will wake up and smell the coffee before we can't even afford to buy coffee.

Bill Henderson

Danville, Va.

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