To the Editor:

Brawling brats are one of the symptoms of a sick social and psychological society. It happens in families, all kinds of organizations and now includes our national social, political and government interactions. Technical ability and performance are no longer the deficiency preventing a happy life for upper-middle, middle and lower income workers. We have allowed our politicians to behave in a way that favors their continuing in office rather than for the good of the people who vote for them.

This is not new. It has happened and continues to happen in local and all levels of state and national government. Trading political support for continuing terms of office has been and appears to me to be continuing. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that political parties and political action committees (PACs), can act as a person with unlimited funds to campaign for the election of political candidates, individual citizens are only considered at election times. Nothing for them during the terms of office. A lost cause, and legally so for most of us unless we the people legally limit the incentive to finance political office candidates.

How so? TERM LIMITS! Not limited to the US President and State Governors, but for all public offices. It is past time to start the process.

Walter L. Crider


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