To the editor:

 Since its founding, the United States has enjoyed a peaceful transfer of power 114 times (every two years).  This is remarkable!  I’d wager that no other nation can touch that record.  However, with the 115th transfer commencing with the 2016 election, things took a turn for the worse.  It can still be called peaceful, but just barely and even worse, it’s not over yet.

I’ve been fully engaged in the blessing of self-governance my entire adult life.  So far, I’ve managed to stay above the fray of partisan nonsense, but I can do so no longer. 

Let’s label the ideological spectrum as “Left” and “Right” and then ask a few questions. Which side refuses to accept the results of the 2016 election?  Which side has reacted to the results with violence? Which side sends thugs to disrupt the political process?  Which side sends thugs to disrupt peaceful activities?  Which side has made a compact to resist and destroy the administration?  Which side has openly adopted socialism (which by the way, is totally incompatible with the US Constitution) over liberty?  Which side hates America and its Constitution?  Which side strives to remove any reference or exposure to a Creator from our lives?  And most recently, which side ruined the lives of a respected federal judge, a respected psychology professor and their families in a televised “X-rated” circus as a last-ditch quest for power?

With every fiber of my being I detested everything President Obama stood for, but I would have defended him with my life had the need arisen  Why? Because it’s the right thing to do!  I choose the ballot box, public discourse and education to effect change, not violence and intimidation.  Why can’t the Left do the same?  I find two reasons (among many others).  The first is that those on the Left believe the elite can run their lives (and ours) better than they (or we) can. This may provide sustenance by lowering everyone to the lowest common denominator, but it certainly won’t create prosperity.  The second is that the Left believes that their rights (and ours) are granted by government, not by our Creator because they don’t believe in a creator.  The Left is its own ultimate authority with its own definition of right and wrong.  The Right, however, for the most part answers to a HIGHER authority, one that has etched in our conscience a moral law with clear distinction between right and wrong.   Lowering everyone to the lowest common denominator, coveting others and taking what we want by force is clearly wrong.  It is time to re-take the moral high ground.

Chuck Angier

Sandy Level, Va.

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