Letter to the Editor:

Dear Governor Northam,

There is no greater issue than the right to life. The infant has its own set of chromosomes, and is unique in all the world. She is not a part of the mother's body, nor has she ever been a blob of tissue. She has her daddy's blue eyes and her mother's dimples. She will develop and run a Christian camp and hundreds of children will ride ponies, bake cookies in a wood stove in a log cabin, shoot archery, dance the Virginia Reel, and trust Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.

In the winter months she will have a faith ministry and play the guitar and sing in six area nursing homes for 38 years. She will write a weekly column in the Chatham Star Tribune about the life stories of senior citizens. She will write a free, weekly paper about a Biblical perspective on current events. She will write several books and spoken in thousands of places.

All of her career will be accomplished with a paralyzed left arm and leg because she was born with a mass of arteries and veins in her brain. When she was 23 years old, she suffered a near fatal hemorrhage and had surgery in Canada by Dr. Charles Drake. He was called the day that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. They turned the plane around when the President died, but 14 years later, he operated on that young woman.

I am that woman, and I'm thankful to be alive, since prenatal tests and current attitudes could have encouraged the abortion of my life in the womb.

Governor Northam, please turn around from leading Virginia to kill any baby, from conception to the days when they are old, feeble, and gray. Human life is from God and He is the One who is to determine the days of our lives. Please turn around.

A proud Virginian who has seen the grace of God,

Carolyn Winstead Bagley


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