To the editor:

Delegate Danny Marshall toils daily towards improving our economic prosperity and the safety of our children. Representative Marshall’s resume proves unquestionably that he represents all citizens in Virginia’s 14th District without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce recently awarded Delegate Danny Marshall the rare Free Enterprise Award for his pro-business efforts in Virginia’s House and the community. The “Free Enterprise Award” represents recognition for efforts to improve Virginia’s economic competitiveness. The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce also recognized Danny for his pro-business accomplishments during their Annual Awards dinner. He has also received recognition for his work on Energy and Infrastructure. 

Danny’s vital position on the Tobacco Commission has proved instrumental in the development of Henry and Pittsylvania County’s efforts to attract industry. I think it is safe to say that without Mr. Marshall’s efforts; projects like the Berry Hill Rd Industrial Park would never have happened. His efforts have led to companies like Gefertec’s, based in Berlin Germany, plans for locating in Pittsylvania County. Salaries will average $60,000 per year for citizens of Martinsville and Danville that land jobs with Gefertec. Gefertec is just one of several companies looking at Southern Virginia, thanks primarily to the efforts of Danny and others.

I’m positive that Mr. Stamps, Danny’s opponent in the race for Danny’s seat, is a good and decent man and I look forward to one day being allowed the privilege of shaking his hand. But Mr. Stamps’ misguided economic philosophies are an obstruction to businesses looking to locate to Virginia. Political philosophies of Mr. Stamps and the Democrat Party are the very reasons that businesses are relocating from Democrat led states like New York, New Jersey, and California to states like Virginia.

   For example, it is crucial that we remain a ‘Right to Work’ state. This issue, by itself, will attract business and industry or cause business and industry to look elsewhere. Mr. Stamp’s Party wants to eliminate Virginia’s Right to Work Law. 

Virginians thrive when businesses thrive. Staying home and not voting for Danny will result in all the efforts and successes of Danny and others to tackle the poverty issues confronting the community to vanish like a puff of smoke in a windstorm.

   Danny has enhanced safety initiatives affecting our school children’s safety by providing a means for schools to increase resource officers while also providing a salary increase for our teachers. He supported “At Risk” programs allowing high risk student a fair chance for an education no matter where that child might live. All this was done without increasing the state’s budget.

With a declining tobacco market putting the squeeze on many of Virginia’s farmers, Representative Danny Marshall introduced and got passed legislation making it possible for farmers to raise other profitable crops like industrial hemp.

For the 14th District’s economic future, your children’s economic future, and your grandchildren’s economic future it is essential that we keep Danny Marshall in office. Your vote or the lack of it will impact this future.

Larry Barton


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