To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Fred Blair of Blair Construction in Gretna for fifty years. During the early stages in the development of my own company, Fred offered me of the best professional advice I have ever received, I consider him a personal friend.

In 1971, when I relocated my business from its original site to the current location, Blair Construction was the logical choice to do the job. A few years later, when the growth of the business dictated a need to expand, once again, Blair was called to handle the job. In both instances, the work was done in exemplary fashion.

The Blair Brand has always symbolized those human ideals we hold dear in our community. Those characteristics include being God-fearing, hard-working, decent, honest, civil and respectful in our daily business interactions with those whom we provide a valuable and necessary product or service.

Based on my decades of personal and professional experiences with Fred Blair, I have found him to demonstrate the highest professional and ethical business standards. Those attributes permeate the Blair family business.

Blair has constructed homes, churches, schools, medical facilities, municipal buildings, office and retail sites, manufacturing plants, apartment units, among others, within many Virginia communities and throughout a number of other states as well.

While we sometimes lament about the fact that many corporations have closed shop in our area and moved their operations outside the country, Blair Construction, started by Fred’s grandfather in 1911, is still going strong one hundred and eight years later.

The Blair brand embodies the character, high Business standards and moral compass of a top tier company. This is evidence by the outstanding structures that have built and where many of us live, work, worship, shop, learn, seek medical care or simply drive by on a daily basis. We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding business in our hometown.

Jake Miller


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