To the editor:

When I first called Les Adams’s office, I was a 16-year-old high school student who wanted to become further involved in politics and gain skills that would help me in my future. Les generously offered to give me the chance to work as an intern in both his legal and governmental offices over the summer, and through that experience I had the opportunity to get to know him well as both a representative and a person. Hopefully by sharing my experiences with him, you will see why we need men like Les in Richmond to represent our interests. 

As a representative, Les is one of the most transparent and open officials you could hope to meet, which is shown by the fact that he does everything in his power to seek out opportunities where he can engage with voters and develop solid connections with them. I observed this firsthand when I served with the Pittsylvania County Youth Commission and he invited us to his office to discuss the issues affecting our county, and whenever constituents visited our offices while I was working, they were always given a warm welcome and the chance to speak to Les if he was available. Les is the type of delegate who will greet you with a smile and handshake if he sees you on the street, who sends letters for things ranging from graduations to receiving awards to show he cares, and who will always be your advocate if you need his help. Furthermore, he has accomplished critical work in Richmond to protect our community’s interests, such as his recent bill to protect agricultural landowners. You will find that Les is not just a public servant, but he is also a friend you can count on. 

I’ve told you a bit about Les as a delegate and member of our community, but you may be wondering what he is like as a person; so often we see our representatives dressed in suits and hear their words from speeches, but it can be hard to see who they truly are outside of their role. 

First and foremost, Les is the type of person who will give you the shirt off of his back if he thinks you need it more than he does. Surprise lunches paid for by Les and signs of appreciation for a job well done were frequent occurrences when I worked for him, and our entire office was marked by a culture of positivity and care because of Les’s example of compassionate workplace leadership. He is the type of man who asks the opinions of everyone in the room when he makes a decision and makes you feel valued wherever you are, and in all his interactions, he conducts himself with friendliness and truly seeks to see the best in others. I already have a tremendous deal to thank Les for, which includes writing letters of recommendation that have helped me to attend Virginia Tech, giving me valuable work experience that helped tremendously with my goal to become a residential advisor, and teaching me a great deal about law and government; however, at the end of the day, the things Les has given me that I value most are lessons about integrity, accountability, and being a good person that I have learned from having him in my life. 

For these reasons, I sincerely hope that you will vote to re-elect Les Adams this November. Now more than ever, we need representatives in our state government who lead with integrity, effectiveness, and firm desires to connect with their constituents, and Les fits that bill in every way. 

Dylan Sparks


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