To the Editor:

The county’s trash fee arriving as a separate bill in the Christmas season is a like a pebble in a shoe. Being a separate bill, it will continue to irritate yearly.

The fee has been a now you see it and now you don’t as the board of supervisors had imposed and rescinded a $60 fee. They voted this year to not only re-impose but to double it. Some of the Supervisors who voted for or advocated for the rescinding the fee during election year voted to double it in 2018. They were against it when campaigning but for it after being elected.

The fee is better for some of us who own more real estate because it means that real estate taxes will remain lower. It hits harder some of our citizens who make in the range of $10 per hour and try to provide for a family or those for whom social security is their only income. It is one way that people on the lower end of the income scale pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the very wealthy pay. What is a minor nuisance to me can be a burden to many citizens in the county.

The fee along with the tax increases may have been required to pay for the landfill, trash collection, and economic development. The increases in the trash fee and taxes has been accompanied with the added costs of new employees and the increased salary of the county administrator.

While some members of the board of supervisors have justified the increase in salary of the county administrator because of their assessment of the job he is doing and maybe a desire to keep him, there may be other employees like school teachers, deputies, and others that some of the rationale might apply who were not granted significant pay raises.

Roy Ford


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