To the Editor:

Hear ye! Hear ye! You voters of Pittsylvania County. It is time to wake up and get rid of some of our spend happy supervisors. This year we were given very large tax increases. My concern is with the pay raise for Mr. Smitherman. No man is worth that kind of money. With the hardship on our elderly, tax increases and other things, his pay raise was foolish by the board.

Thank goodness we have some supervisors who think of the people like Mr. Barber, Mr. Blackstock, and Mr. Farmer.

Mr. Warren who is the chair of the board and the other three seem to like to spend the money as long as it isn’t theirs without thinking of the money hardships for citizens of this county. Our citizens do not need to sacrifice more so that Mr. Smitherman can get a nice pay increase and a hefty one at that.

Mr. Blackstock said he plans to vote no to any tax increases for the upcoming year. Yea for him. He is thinking of the people unlike Mr. Bob Warren and the other three spend happy supervisors.

You people need to get rid of him and the other three when their term is up. Whoever was to replace them might vote the same way but we surely don’t need him and the other three spend happy supervisors who give these kind of raises and spend the money all the time without regard or concern for the hardship of the citizens of this county. We deserve more than this. We surely don’t need superviors like Mr. Warren and the other three yes men who spend our money for raises of this kind without regard for how hard it is for our citizens at this time. Think of this when you go to the polls. We don’t need men like Mr. Warren and his other three yes men.

Harry Boothe

Danville, Va.

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