To the Editor:

First off, I will make this very simple.  I would never ever walk out on a meeting with someone talking crap about my city.  I would stay for that whole meeting and then after the meeting proceed to tell him to go to hell.  How dare someone come into your city asking for votes and endorsements while craping all over it.  It was a cowardly act to walk out.  It solves absolutely nothing.  You could have proven your point right after Stewart spoke. 

 There is nothing worse then not confronting your accuser, but you are always getting someone else to do your job.  The mature thing wasn’t about a walk out of silence.   The right thing would have been lacing up those Timberland boots and telling him face to face how you feel about his comments, whether you agree or disagree.  Whoever decided to walk out should not be voted back into office.  How are you going to deal with the wolves that attack sheep in the city, and you are afraid also to approach the wolf. 

The winner on this issue was Corey Stewart.  He came in your city and was able to leave your city after talking that mess to you face to face.  Seriously, Danvillians should be embarrassed on how they were represented at that meeting.   The reason people are going Republican, because it is starting to be the party that really tells you what they think and is not afraid to let you know about it. 

Unless Democrats elect strong leaders that will defend their words with action, we can always expect to lose. Because your voters will be scared too for you - if you are scared for yourself to represent those voters that vote for you.  The worse thing I could see was politicians giving their response to Stewart’s comments to the newspaper while he wasnt around, instead of telling it right to his face. 

All one person that works on behalf of the city had to say at this meeting was to challenge Stewart’s plans on how he can make the City better compared to taking a knee on the City soul and expense.

Merle T. Rutledge Jr

Virginia Beach, Va

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