To the Editor:

In my lifetime I have witnessed a number of events which strongly impacted the lives of Americans.

There was the death from natural causes of a sitting President (Franklin Roosevelt), the assassination of a sitting President (John Kennedy) and the attempted assassination of a sitting President (Ronald Reagan).

There was the resignation of a sitting President (Richard Nixon) whose sitting Vice-President had already resigned thus leaving the Presidency vacant, filled by Gerald Ford from the Congress. There was the impeachment trial of a sitting President (Bill Clinton, not impeached).

There was the term of a President which was followed eight years later by the term of his son (George H.W. Bush and George Bush). The son was awarded the victory by the U. S. Supreme Court (another “first” in record-making events).

In the public events category there was World War II and the atomic bomb dropped on Japan. This was followed by constant “brush fire” wars around the world, the most devastating of which, in my opinion, was the Vietnam War. Also The Cold War must not be forgotten. There were some good events too; the advances in the field of medicine, for example. Then were things never envisioned, such as computers, the Internet, cell phones and television (depending on wisdom in the use of these items, in my opinion, they are either a blessing or a curse).

However, I think the nadir in these events was reached when our sitting President Donald Trump was reported to have stated the shooting at the Jewish Temple could have been avoided by armed guards at the door! Armed guards at the entrance to a place of worship in the United States ........can we go any lower????

Hildred C. Shelton

Danville, Va.

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