Village Pizza vs All Star Sports

For Village Pizza, Autumn Polk and DeAmber Harris shared time in the goal box and did a great job with multiple saves.

Chase Evans, Lydia Francis, Morgan Garrett, Jake Howard and Daniel Gatewood played a great offensive game while Braden Holifield, Paul Salias, Brady Slattery, Levi Takacs and Madison Tate played a great defensive game.

El Cazador vs. White’s Construction

Delaney Haymore was the El Cazador goal keeper for the first half.

With great defensive team members, she managed to keep White’s scoreless in the first half. Kevin Arqueta, David Gomez, and Brayson Loftis rotated on the defensive positions and greatly aided her keeping.

Loftis would take the goal keeper position for the second half, while Haymore unleashed a long, aerial strike that found the back of White’s net midway through the half.

Offensively, El Cazador broke into female and male squads.

The El Cazador girls offensive team included Mylie Dillon, Lyric Moore, Mallory Terry, Kailynn Stone and Maddie Wiebking.

The girls did an outstanding job working together, which gave Moore the opportunity to score early in the second half.

The El Cazador male squad included Joshua Brown Peppe Carannante, Trey Poindexter and Cole Carter.

The El Cazador boys found the sides of the White’s net many times, but a score remained elusive. They did succeed in keeping the ball on White’s side of the field for much of the game with great hustle and teamwork.


Les Adams Delegate 1, Danville Dental Associates 4

Danville Dental played Les Adams in a tight battle to the finish before pulling out a 4-1 victory.

Danville Dental’s Alexander Gomez scored three goals and Brandon Quintero scored one.

Britt Bowman had what could have been a fifth goal but was called back by an off sides.

Zane McKenna played great on both sides as well as goalie position.

Isabella Wyatt and Benjamin Stafford where strong on defense. Ashton McKenna done a great job at midfield.

Hauser Manasco Realty 2, Hargrave Military

Academy 2

After falling behind 2-0 early the team kept the pressure on the Hargrave defense. Kaley Fry led the offensive efforts, scoring twice. Luke Cassada and Evan Jones played great in the midfield.

The defense was anchored by Saniah Rodgers and Mason Smart.

Destini Brooks and Jack Reece were the goalkeepers.

Scoring for Hargrave was Kyra Betts. Betts scored two goals in the first half. Hauser/Manasco would answer on a penalty kick, and secure one point in the first half. Other assisting offensive players included Jaycob Bailey, Kaden Brower, Logan McGuire, Zachary Thompson and Allison White. Yonaton Cardenas and Matthew Wells were both goal keepers for the Hargrave team.

Each had several saves on the goal, with Cardenas playing the first half and Wells playing the second half.

Hargrave defenders included Tildon Motley, Xavier Waddell and Samuel Wiebking kept strikes on the Hargrave goal to a minimum.

Great hustle and teamwork disrupted many Hauser/Manasco drives and cleared the goal area effectively.

Mighty Mites

Adkins Cleaning Solutions vs. Four Seasons Pest Control

Adkins Cleaning Solutions played Four Seasons Pest Control for the second time this season. Adkins Cleaning Solutions played a great game and was lead by Colton Robertson, Kaylee Kendrick, Elley Goodaker, Kolton Adkins, Harper Adkins, and Ashton Talbott. 

Barbee Fabrics vs 1st Piedmont

Scoring goals for the team were Micah Brown, Grayson Owen and Logan Reynolds. Making an awesome assist was Yarely Diaz-Hernandez. Playing great defense were Kenley Hollie, Maeleigh and Finn Driggers.


All Star Sports vs. Chatham Motorsports

For All Star Sports, Daniel Gatewood, Braden Holifield and Brady Slattery had a great offensive game with great passes and multiple assists while Jake Howard, Autumn Polk and Paul Slas had a great defensive game while keeping the ball out of the goal box.

Chase Evan and Brian Osborne shared time as goalie with multiple saves each.

Villages Pizza vs. All Star Sports

  Scoring goals for Villages Pizza were Savannah Echols and Tristen Kaimon with one goal each. 

Other key offensive players were J’Kyia Adkins, Mariam Afify and Tripp Riddle.   Grace Balben, Norah Linn and Claire Owen played great defense.  Auston Scott did great playing goalie for the first time.  


Danville Dental 7, Dr Canavan 0

Danville Dental’s Alexander Gomez scored three goals, Dylan McFalls two, Ethan Howell and Eli Goins scored one each. Britt Bowman, Ashton McKenna and Brandon Gomez had an assist each. Zachary Payne was strong on defense.


White’s Construction A 4, RJ Baldwin 2

For White’s Construction A, goals were scored by Will Saunders, Andrew Williams, Andrew Lewis, and Edward Slaughter.

Frankie Canare and Tristin Woodard played well in defense.

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