First buck

After the buck came out grunting, Gracie made a 40 yard shot with her youth 243 rifle. 

Ruffin, North Carolina resident Gracie Wilson, 7, bagged a big buck Saturday evening, Nov. 16 on land her family owns in Pittsylvania County. 

“We were after a big 8 that we had seen the evening before while she had her crossbow but he was way too far,” Don Wilson said. Gracie is the daughter of Don and Olivia Wilson.  

Then Saturday evening, they sat up where they could shoot the ‘big 8’ and a buck popped out in the upper field about 600 yards away an hour before dark. 

“We were both heartbroken,” Don said. 

About 30 minutes before dark, Don asked Gracie if she was ready to get down because both were shivering from the cold.

“She said, ‘na something may pop out,’” Don said.

Not long after, a nine pointer appeared from the woods.

Don said the buck came out grunting, and Gracie made a 40 yard shot with her youth 243. 

“Her first buck was way bigger than my first one,” Don said. “I hope she continues to show me up in the future!” 

The buck measured 20 inches wide according to Don.

Gracie’s kill was picked up on a trail cam, creating a memory the Wilson’s will remember forever. 

Don said Gracie has been hunting with him since she was two, and started trying to hunt when she was six after getting a .243 rifle for her birthday.

“She loves hunting, but waiting for gun season was difficult. So we added a crossbow to her gear this year, which she shot a doe with earlier this season,” Don said.

Harold Riggins of Riggins Taxidermy in Martinsville will be mounting the buck according to Don. 

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