D-Braves Logos

Danville Braves General Manager David Cross  introduced three new logos for the Appalachain League ball club Friday, Nov. 22. 

On Friday, Nov. 22 Danville Braves General Manager David Cross announced from the home team locker room new logos for the 2020 season. 

“We have been working on this since the spring,” Cross said. 

The primary cap logo — a ‘D’ with a tomahawk — has been in use since 1993. 

The Danville Braves were founded in 1993 after a 35 year hiatus of baseball in the city.

Friday, the cap logo changed with an entirely new look. 

The tomahawk is no longer a part of the primary logo, and the ‘D’ is now red with a white outline. 

Red is still the color for the bill on the primary cap. 

Cross said the primary cap will be worn during home games. 

Two alternate caps were also unveiled Friday. 

Both alternate caps feature the new ‘D’ with a tomahawk. The bill color is the difference between the two caps — one being blue and the other red. 

“As we freshen up our logos, we are hoping to display our strong ties to Atlanta and reinforce that Danville is a big part of Braves country,” Cross said. 

The logo release comes mere weeks after it was announced Minor League Baseball contract negotiations could result in the loss of multiple ball clubs. 

The Danville Braves are among the organizations that could be eliminated following the 2020 season. 

However, with the release Cross said not to ‘read into it.’

Following the logo release, it is still not clear what the fate of the Danville Braves will be after the 2020 season. 

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