The Adams-Martin Trophy has returned to the Star-Tribune. The trophy has been presented annually since 2015 to one of the four Pittsylvania County high school football teams.  

Since the Adams-Martin Trophy’s inaugural season, only Dan River and Gretna have won it. 

Each season, the award has come down to the game between the Wildcats and the Hawks. 

Through four seasons, the overall score between both teams is 86-84, with Gretna leading. 

The trophy went to Ringgold with the Wildcats in 2015 and remained there in 2016. 

For the last two years, the trophy has been in the trophy case of Gretna High School. 

The high school with the most wins against the other county schools — a possibility of three — will be presented the trophy.

For 2019, there are three scenarios that could play out for the trophy between Dan River, Gretna, and Chatham. Tunstall was eliminated from contention with losses to Gretna, Chatham, and Dan River. 

Dan River could clinch the trophy on Nov. 1

A win on the road in Gretna for the Wildcats would mean the Adams-Martin Trophy would return to Ringgold for the first time since 2016.

In doing so, Dan River would sweep the county schools.

The Wildcats won the inaugural trophy in 2015 at Gretna with a score of 28-26. 

In 2016, Dan River beat Gretna at home 42-3 to clinch the trophy. 

Gretna could sweep the county

For Gretna to win the trophy, the Hawks will need to pull off a win at home against Dan River on Nov. 1.

The Hawks would then need to beat Chatham on the road to win the trophy. 

An overtime win at home against Dan River in 2017 clinched the trophy for Gretna. The final score in that game was 22-14.

In 2018, Gretna shut out Dan River with a 35-0 win on the road to clinch the trophy. 

Chatham could force a three-way tie

If Gretna were to beat Dan River on Nov. 1, and then lose to Chatham the following week, there would be a three way tie for the Adams-Martin Trophy. 

In the event of a tie, the winner of the Adams-Martin Trophy would be determined by the team that has allowed the lowest number of points for the entire 2019 season.

Through Oct. 4, Gretna has allowed 89 points, Dan River has allowed 107 points, and Chatham has allowed 113 points. 

The history of the Adams-Martin Trophy

The Adams-Martin Trophy is named for two patriarchs of Pittsylvania County high school football — Gerald Adams and Northside High School’s Paul Martin. 

Both Adams and Martin coached football in the county during the 1950s.

In 1960, Martin took over as head coach at Northside and stayed with the Bobcats through the school’s final year in 1969. Martin’s career ended with Northside with a record of 43-33-6. 

In 1972, Martin coached the Gretna Junior High School football team to an undefeated season. 

Martin retired after 15 years in administration in 1993. 

Football was always in the blood of Adams, who attended Appalachian State.

When Adams moved to the county in 1954, he created the Yosef Club and directed it until 1991 when he retired. 

A native of Salisbury, North Carolina, Adams played high school football and continued to play for the Mountaineers. 

In 1954, Adams became the physical education teacher and head football coach at Brosville High School. 

Adams continued to find ways to support football at Appalachian State even after getting into school administration where he remained until 1973. After that, he moved to central office until his retirement in 1991. 

Both Adams and Martin were present in 2015 to present the trophy to Dan River on the road after a close game against Gretna that ended with a score of 28-26. 

Adams passed away in November 2016 after his health declined.

Follow all the action leading up to the Adams-Martin Trophy weekly in the Star-Tribune.

County games only through Oct. 4 (Season overall):

Dan River 2-0 (4-2)

Gretna 1-0 (4-1)

Chatham 1-1 (4-1)

Tunstall 0-3 (0-5)

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