The Danville Braves donated over $2,600 to the United Way of Danville-Pittsylvania County and the Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer Association from fundraisers during the 2019 season. 

In total, the Danville Braves have given over $48,000 in goods and services to Danville and the surrounding communities in 2019. 

The Braves charitable contributions for the United Way came from the second annual D-Braves 5K, presented by HomeTrust Bank. 

The event had over 65 participants and the route of the race finished inside the Danville Braves stadium. 

In total, the Danville Braves were able to raise nearly $1,500 for the efforts of the United Way, who support 16 organizations across the greater Danville-Pittsylvania County area. 

For more information about the good work that the United Way does in Danville and surrounding areas, visit  

The donation for the Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer Association comes from the D-Braves Star Wars night on July 19, presented by Centra Health, where fans could purchase game-worn jerseys from Danville Braves players and coaches.

On that date, Braves players touted special Han Solo jerseys. 

The proceeds of the sale totaled over $2,200. The Braves also sent over $1,100 to the Centra Foundation. 

In total, the Danville Braves have raised over $18,000 as a result of the jersey auction sales over the past nine seasons. 

DPC provides financial, educational and emotional support to cancer patients in the Danville and Pittsylvania County area. 

Donations to the organization aim to defray the cost of cancer-related prescriptions, equipment, supplies, transportation reimbursement, nutritional supplements, as well as other special needs. For more information about the organization, visit 

For more information about the Braves community initiatives or information about the 2020 season, visit or follow the Danville Braves on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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