State championship game

PULASKI: The Chatham Cavaliers baseball team played the Lebanon Pioneers for the class 2A state championship at Calfee Park in Pulaski, Virginia Friday, June 14. 

END 7th inning: Lebanon scores one run. Chatham wins 23-5. 

MID 7th inning: Chatham extends lead to 23-4

END 6th inning: Lebanon doesn’t score. Chatham commands 18-4 lead. 

MID 6th inning: Chatham leaves two on base. Score remains 18-4 with a Chatham lead. 

END 5th inning: No score from Lebanon. Chatham maintains 18-4 lead.

MID 5th inning: Chatham extends lead to 18-4.

END 4th inning: Lebanon scores three runs on two Cavalier errors. Chatham leads 14-4.

MID 4th inning: A triple by Grant Reynolds, single by Jacob Miller scores four to extend the lead over Lebanon to 11-1. Chatham ends the top of the 4th leading 14-1.

END 3rd inning: A three up three down inning as Lebanon fails to score. Chatham leads 7-1. 

MID 3rd inning: Chatham extends lead to 7-1 over Lebanon. 

END 2nd inning: Lebanon leaves a man on base. Chatham holds on to a 6-1 lead. 

MID 2nd inning: Chatham leads Lebanon 6-1.

END 1st inning: Chatham and Lebanon are tied at 1.

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