17-point buck

Florida resident Chris Stone bagged a 17-point buck Friday, Nov. 15 during a hunting trip in Pittsylvania County. 

A hunt for a group from Florida ended successfully for Chris Stone, his son Hunter Stone, and friend Kirk Lippi in Pittsylvania County. 

On Friday, Nov. 15, Chris bagged a 17 point buck, measuring 21 and a quarter inches on the outside, and 19 and three quarters of an inch on the inside. 

“I used to have family from Pittsylvania County,” Chris said.

For the last 29 years, Chris has been hunting in Pittsylvania County where he has done since since the age of 8. 

Chris relocated to Florida in 1969 and currently lives in Chuluota outside of Orlando. 

The hunt began Wednesday, Nov. 13 for the trio in Pittsylvania County, and continued through Tuesday, Nov. 19. 

According to Chris, the buck was killed on private land during the morning of Nov. 15. 

“I shot him at 10 a.m., and he was chasing a doe. He was in the rut,” Chris said. “This morning was the morning.”

While in a deer stand, Chris said the buck came by, and he didn’t waste his chance to bag the buck while using a muzzleloader. 

Chris said he planned to have the deer quartered up in addition to having it mounted. 

At home, Chris said he also enjoys fishing, hunting turkey, whitetail deer, and wild boar. 

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