It was a successful week for the Gretna Hawks.  The Hawks earned two wins this week at home.  They went up against Altavista and William Campbell.

The Hawks played the Altavista Colonels last Tuesday night, playing well in the first quarter, ending it at 18-15, Gretna.  The second quarter continued to go in the Hawks’ favor ending at 35-34.  Gretna’s small lead was lost during the third quarter when the Colonels fought back bringing the score to 53-52, Altavista.  The Hawks were able to fight back winning the game, 76-67.  Sophomore Isaiah Griffin led the team in points.

The Gretna Hawks’ JV team lost to the Altavista Colonels’, 42-24.

The Hawks played the William Campbell Generals Wednesday night.  The game quickly started in the Hawks favor with the final score of the first quarter being 28-16, Gretna.  The Hawks kept their momentum during the second quarter with Isaiah Griffin ending the quarter with a buzzer beating 3-pointer, bringing the score of the second quarter to 42-35, Gretna.  The third quarter proved to be Gretna’s best, ending with Gretna up 25 points, 72-47.  The Hawks finished off the game winning 85-66.  Sophomore Isaiah Griffin led the team in points.

The Gretna Hawks’ JV team lost to the William Campbell Generals’ JV team 51-38.

These wins brought the Hawks’ Dogwood District record to 11 wins, 4 losses.  The Hawks play at Dan River Tuesday night.  The Gretna Hawks JV team’s Dogwood District record is now 1 win, 7 losses.  The JV team plays at Dan River Tuesday night, as well.

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