Danville Braves

D-Braves’ Beau Phillips moves to apply the tag on Greenville Red Cameron Warren, who was attempting to steal second base in July 2019.

The Danville Braves, an Appalachian League team and rookie-advanced affiliate with the Atlanta Braves, has an uncertain future following the 2020 season. 

Late last week, a proposed contract agreement between Major League Baseball (MLB) and Minor League Baseball  (MiLB) for the 2021 season made headlines after being leaked to Baseball America according to MiLB Senior Director of Communications Jeff Lantz. 

The proposed agreement includes cuts to 40 teams, reducing the total number of MiLB teams from 160 to 120. 

In a phone interview Tuesday, Oct. 22, Lantz said the Appalachian League is part of the proposed cut. 

“The first proposal was shared with a few teams, which was leaked to Baseball America,” Lantz said. “We’re working on counter proposals and getting deals in place.”

Lantz said negotiators for MLB and MiLB have been working to find ways to resolve eliminating any teams. 

“Our goal is to save as many of the 160 teams as possible,” Lantz said. 

D-Braves General Manager David Cross said he was unable to comment on any of the negotiations. 

In addition to the Danville Braves, the Pulaski Yankees, Burlington Royals, Princeton Rays, Bluefield Blue Jays, Johnson City Cardinals, Bristol Pirates, Kingsport Mets, Elizabethton Twins, and Greeneville Reds could be effected by the proposed cut. 

The Danville Braves have been located at Legion Field in Dan Daniel Park since 1993. 

Multiple baseball stars have played for the Danville Braves including Andruw Jones, Jermaine Dye, Marcus Giles, Rafael Furcal, Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna, Kris Medlen, and Craig Kimbrel. 

In 2018, the Danville Braves celebrated 25 years in the city. 

A timeline for an agreement has not been established according to Lantz. 

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