Details for Public Notice: Shockoe Solar Public Meeting


Shockoe Solar, LLC proposes to construct and operate a 60 megawatt (MW) alternating current (AC) solar facility in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The project is located along Halifax road, directly south of Java road. The project will span 15 parcels of land, totaling approximately 903 acres. The preliminary design utilizes approximately 171,000 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, as well as other related equipment, that will cover roughly 297 acres of this land (approximately 28%).

The project plans to utilize industry-standard single-axis tracking technology, meaning the solar panels will track the movement of the sun. This system is a simple modular design consisting of tracker mounted panels and inverters that convert direct current (DC) to AC power. Low voltage wiring connects the inverters to the project substation where transformers boost the voltage to get it into the power grid. The approximate maximum height of the solar panel arrays will be 10 feet. Additionally, the project has a proposed battery energy storage system component that will smooth the flow of generation output into the grid, resulting in increased energy reliability.

The solar arrays associated with this project are eligible for a Permit by Rule (PBR) from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The purpose of this public participation is to (i) acquaint the public with technical aspects of the proposed project and how the standards and the requirements of 9VAC15-60 (Small Renewable Energy Projects [Solar] Permit by Rule) will be met (ii) identify issues of concern, (iii) facilitate communication, and (iv) establish a dialogue between the owner or operator and persons who may be affected by the project.

A 30-day comment period in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90(C) will begin on May 6, 2021 and will end on June 5, 2021. Questions and comments may be sent to the following:

Shockoe Solar, LLC

Attention: Stephanie Lauer

300 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 1020

Irvine, CA 92618


A public meeting will be held in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90(D) on May 26, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the following location:

The Pittsylvania County Community Center

115 S. Main Street

Chatham, VA 24531

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the public meeting will also be held virtually via ZOOM. If you would like to attend the public meeting virtually, please email with your preferred email address, and a link to the ZOOM meeting will be sent to you. If attending the public meeting in person, please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines - wear a face covering and practice social distancing.

Copies of the documentation to be submitted to the DEQ in support of the PBR application will be available to view at the following location for the duration of the 30-day comment period:

Pittsylvania County Community Development

Code Compliance Office

53 N. Main Street

Chatham, VA 24531

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Monday through Friday


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