Details for Order of Publication: Henry v. Five

Virginia: In the circuit Court of Pittsylvania County

Case No. CL21000319-00

Haywood Henry

Ernestine Henry



Mary C. Williams

Temple Hill, MD

Joann C. Thompson

4345 Markham Road,

Java, Va 24565

Mattie C. Perry

FT. Washington, MD

Janie C. Davis

269 Oriole Lane

Java, VA 24565

Caroline G. Clark

269 Oriole Lane,

Java, VA 24565


Order Of Publication

You are hereby notified that the object of this proceeding is to obtain a perpetual, non-exclusive prescriptive easement, ten (10) feet in width over ten (10) foot joint use dirt patch, “Road” extending from the end of State Maintenance of Virginia State Road 1094 along the Boundary of Lots 13 and 14 of Defendants to Lots 5,6 and 7 owned by Plaintiffs as shown on the Boundary Survey of Lots 3 and 4, W.L. McCormick Farm by James E. Temple, L.S. Dated January 5, 2006, recorded in Map Book 44, Page 11L in the Clerk’s Office of this Court.

An Affidavit having been filed that there are defendants named aforesaid who are not residents of the State of Virginia. Said Defendants are further notified to appear on or before May 17, 2021 in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of Pittsylvania County, Virginia and do what may be necessary to protect your interest in this suit


Mark W. Scarce, Clerk

BY: Leecy Painter, Deputy Clerk

Gordon M. Kent, VSB#07532

Counsel for Plaintiffs

Kent & Kent, P.C.

P.O. Box 299

Altavista, Va 24517



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